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Win FREE powerball

- skrevet 14. april 2018 kl. 06:27 @blogmand

WIN this Golf Classic Powerball and increase your game!
Powerball is the perfect training tool for building huge grip, wrist and arm strength. It is ideally suited for strength training for golf.

Major champion Padraig Harrington first begin using Powerball back in 1997, along with golf pro and Guinness World Record Holder for golf’s longest drive, Karl Woodward, who credits Powerball for his massive distance off the tee.  Hundreds of pros and players of all levels throughout the world use Powerball to enhance their own game. Whether you want extra strength to blast the ball out of the rough or to add extra yards on your drive, Powerball is the perfect training device to help you do so and is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

How to enter contest

Follow blogmand on instagram and submit a new golf course review (photos required) to WIN this great powerball...

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Last date of contest is 31th August 2018... Winner will be found on the base of popularity (likes on instagram)

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